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Our values determine our actions.

As a recycling company, we are actively committed to environmental protection. Our activities make a significant contribution to conservation of natural resources and support climate protection.

We strive to constantly optimise recycling routes to secure the cycle of important raw materials. We are aware of our ecological and social responsibility in this context. We are proud to significantly contribute to sustainability.

The following principles determine our daily actions as a result:

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Environmental and energy policy

We protect the environment – every day!

Sustainable development affects all areas of society. For the economy, too, the topic of sustainability should be established in all corporate areas. Thus, as a recycling company, we have made environmental and climate protection an important task and take this into account in all corporate decisions. 

Consequently, we are committed to complying with the requirements of environmental management, DIN EN ISO14001:2015. We see it as our mission to contribute to continuous improvement in the protection of people and the environment with the involvement of all our employees. By fulfilling binding obligations, we derive technical and organisational measures from our goals in order to avoid or minimise the generation of waste, environmentally harmful emissions and waste water, as well as to make energy savings. In addition, we ensure that we advise and inform our customers and suppliers as well as other contractual partners in a spirit of partnership in order to promote safe and environmentally conscious actions on both sides. 

We save energy – and practice responsibility! 
Energy-conscious action is one of our most important guidelines. We keep putting ourselves to the test and adjusting our processes and procedures accordingly. Monitored and controlled by our internal energy management, we can live up to our responsibility to the environment and ensure efficient use of energy resources.

We see it as necessary to conserve natural resources by using raw and auxiliary materials efficiently. Another essential aspect is to minimise the necessary use of energy and to sensitise our employees accordingly.

We are committed to meeting all the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001:2018. This ensures compliance with all legal requirements connected to energy use, energy consumption, and energy efficiency. We can constantly monitor compliance with the defined strategic and operational energy targets. Energy efficiency is another top priority in the development and procurement of new processes and equipment. 

Glass appraisal in the laboratory

Quality policy. Being good to grow even better!

We keep checking the quality of our work, products, and services. What else could we improve? Where are there any deviations? What potential is there in production and product quality? Thanks to our actively practised quality management system certified to ISO EN 9001, we never stop being good enough – to become even better with every day.

Our goal is to optimise the recycling chain for important raw materials with state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated services. Processing technologies developed by Reiling, and the highest standards of processing create the highest level of product quality, which enables the successful reuse of our secondary raw materials. In the operation of our plants, we want to realise standards that go beyond the legal requirements and also meet the highest demands on the environment, within the framework of what is technically and economically feasible.

Reiling closes cycles!

Gathering of employees with safety vests

Social policy. Our responsibility – our mission!

We bear a special responsibility for our employees, who drive the company forward every day with their know-how and commitment, contributing significantly to the company’s success. We always strive to combine economically successful action with socially conscientious conduct.

We regularly identify and assess the hazards and risks of our tasks and work processes to prevent occupational accidents, work-related health hazards and/or occupational illnesses as well as harmful effects on the environment. Since we put ourselves to the test every day, we are able to directly identify any potential for improvement and ensure continuous optimisation of safety, health and environmental-related issues. Because the health and well-being of our employees are essential to us. Thus, we create a safe working environment for our employees. We promote their competence, motivation and safety, health and environmental awareness. As part of our health management, we offer our employees a company fitness programme to promote the health of each individual. We also offer the possibility of leasing bicycles so that the way to work can be done in a way that is as health-friendly as possible, but also environmentally and climate-friendly.

We also place great importance on compatibility of family and career and offer flexible working time models to this end. Our in-house day-care gives employees the certainty that their little ones are always looked after well – and yet close by!

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Conference room by Reiling

We take responsibility for our young generation.

As a family-owned business, we think not only about the quality of life of today, but also about that of future generations. Responsibility is a key concept for us that we keep filling with life. We offer a wide range of apprenticeships, we provide internships to give pupils an initial idea of working life, and we open up new career prospects for newcomers or career changers.

We promote education and knowledge.

Personal development and advancement of every individual in the company is very important to us. We support qualifications and further training and offer regular internal and external training courses and seminars. We provide an innovative working environment with the opportunity to turn own wishes and dreams into reality.

Protecting resources. Protecting the environment.

As an internationally active recycling company, Reiling Group offers a full service in the field of “materials management and recycling”.

We maintain an active dialogue with interested parties, open cooperation with the authorities and comprehensive information for the employees working for us and the public about our activities and their impact on people and the environment. As part of our integrated management system, we undergo regular internal and external audits.

The family-owned company offers insights into its entire range of services, from collection, transport, and processing of a wide variety of raw materials to delivery of high-quality secondary raw materials. The focus is on recycling glass, plastic, wood, and photovoltaic modules.

Reiling’s special benefit: Innovation and versatility!

Close cycles with us.

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Conveyor belt with glass

We place particular importance on a cooperative relationship with local authorities, trade, and the industry.

Our claim is clear: Achieving high customer satisfaction by highest product quality, individual recycling solutions as well as reliability and flexibility. Experience true added value with Reiling!