“Corporate management is not about dealing with current problems, but about shaping the future.”
Dipl.-Geol. Oliver Bigge, Quality Management
Sorting of glass by hand

Certified quality – testing everything.

We do not leave anything to chance.
We represent quality and reliability. However, we are not resting on our laurels. We are our own strictest auditors in order to continuously improve and always meet the qualitative and legal requirements. In addition, we undergo neutral audits by external certifiers at regular intervals.

Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS

Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS

Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark Aps (Næstved)

Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark Aps (Vamdrup)

Certified disposal security for our customers

Highest quality and service standards! We apply quality management methods on all levels of our organisation in order to continuously develop and improve the collection, recovery, and recycling of raw materials. As a result, we keep putting ourselves to the test, working to develop potential for improvement and to build on our strengths. The benchmark for our actions is our motto: Reiling closes cycles! Sustainable success with certifications! We regularly put the overall organisation of our company to the test in various external reviews for our certifications. Across all sites, our focus is not only on our services as a recycling company, but also on our qualities as an employer.

Zertifiziert von der DEKRA
Zertifiziert von der DEKRA
Zertifiziert von der DEKRA
Mitglied im BVSE
Partner der Rewindo
Mitglied bei Rewindo
VBG geprüft
EuCert Plast
ISO 14001
VO 1179-2012
BSW Solar